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Professional Observations

Sullivan Physical Therapy offers opportunities for healthcare professionals to observe our physical therapists evaluate and treat women’s and men’s health patients. 

During a typical day the visiting healthcare professional will observe eight patients for one hour treatment sessions.  Available time for observation is from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. 

Observation is dependent on patient consent.  In the event a patient refuses to let a visitor observe, the healthcare professional will likely be able to observe the treatment session of another physical therapist.  There is no guarantee that the healthcare professional will be able to see a patient every hour depending on cancellations and consent. 

The healthcare professional is welcome to accompany their patient to a physical therapy session. However, during clinical observation the visiting healthcare professional will not be able to examine or treat any patients. 

The visiting healthcare professional is encouraged to participate in clinical discussion and ask relevant questions during the treatment sessions.

Please contact Kimberlee Sullivan for fee and scheduling information regarding observing a physical therapist at Sullivan Physical Therapy.  Only one visiting healthcare professional is allowed to observe per day.

A visiting healthcare professional has the option to purchase a booklet of handouts that are used when treating women’s and men’s health physical therapy.   In addition to patient handouts, the booklet includes recommended continuing education courses, articles, books and websites for reference. 

The purpose for offering observation at our clinic to other health care professionals is to increase awareness of women’s and men’s health physical therapy. We understand that observation does not take the place of women’s and men’s health physical therapy classes and that a health care professional would need to have formal training in order to evaluate and treat patients appropriately.   However, we would like to create an environment for those who are interested in this type of therapy to come and observe these patients and treatment.

We look forward to helping facilitate your passion for Women’s and Men’s Health Physical Therapy.